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Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

The agreement is meant to be a legally binding agreement between us. [Sender.Name] (Developer) and [Client.Name] (Client), collectively known as the “Parties”.

Important Notes

We only work on programming, designing, and supporting servers, but clients must give content, logo (editable vector format) and, “photographs or images” within a timescale.

Photographs or Images or Other Design

Logo, photographs, and images must be in a suitable resolution - easy to re-sizable. You must only send to our official email id - don’t send on Whatsapp or any Messenger app.

Scanning Logo, photos, or images, which have a low resolution- would not produce a good quality website design - so we won't accept in that format.

On the website: “text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork or any designs” are owned by the Client, and the Client has permission as the rightful owner. If you have to buy photos or images from third party photo stock websites, additional charges will be applicable - at the same time, we are not responsible for any copyright issues and liability (including any claim or suit).

We will complete your project within the deadline, before the launch date. If the Client delays in providing the required materials, information, design, approval, or feedback, the deadline time will also be extended. So, the client has to respond on time at any stage.

The company will not be held liable for any missed launch date or deadline, if the Client has been late in supplying materials, or has not approved or signed off work on time, at any stage.

We fellow all “national and EU '' data protection, confidentiality regulations, data retention, data transfer, and always secure the data sent to us.


Quoting is only valid for 6 months- If you come to us after 6 months with the same requirement, we need to prepare a fresh quotation based on the current market.

Before starting the work - we will give you web development and mobile app blueprint ( how the layout looks) - For that, a small amount will be charged - If you have any correction, you have to tell before we start coding .

Once we start writing coding - we won't make any new correction because it will affect the workflow - but we can update in the next version (that charge separately)

Website Development

Our website design works on all major browsers (in computers, laptops, phones, and Tabs). At the same time, we cannot guarantee website compatibility in older browsers. You might have to update/upgrade your device or browsers (computers, laptops, phones, and Tabs).

We do not guarantee any third party plugin functions on your website. In case of any “damages or error, including data loss or inability to access the functions

If you need website credentials to access the server or coding, we will provide it. But at the same time, we would not be accountable for any kind of damages in security, data and functions.

We accept revisions to the design, layout, and colours. “Client and Designer” will have to communicate well for the design concept but no more than 2 major revisions would be allowed. In case you need Additional revisions means charges will be extra.

If the developer wishes to carry out such work; 'client and developer', will mutually carry out the following terms, as stated and adhere to them:-

According to the above-mentioned scope of work, the client has agreed with the above developer to create, develop, test and host a website.

You cannot transfer this project to anyone else without our consent or permission.

  • Pricing
  • 10% advance before the blueprint
  • 40% advance before coding & design
  • 25% advance - after 50% coding & design work finished
  • 25% Balance amount - after 100% coding & design work finished then we launch in your main website in your Domain name Afterward, if you would like to incorporate any feature or update to your Website: Additional charges would be applied according to your demand.
  • 20 hours will be free in the first year - you can use these hours for updating or correction - We are here to support improvements to the website. Once 20 hours are over, we charge as per work and time took.

Refund policy

When the project has not started, the balance is refundable .

If the project has started, the client may not terminate or switch from us, the balance is not refundable


Selecting Websites hosted based on the requirement of client and application needed so we will suggest the best hosting platform like a dedicated server, cloud hosting, shared host, VPS (virtual private serve, and WordPress Hosting.).

Our all hosting plans guarantee a minimum of 99.95% uptime - it will have high reliability and yield good performance

If you buy hosting space separately ( not with us), we cannot guarantee website compatibility, and we won't give server support.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions will always be on our website. We have the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of these “Terms and Conditions” at any time, but we will send you an email notification. If you fail to receive a notification, we are not responsible.

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Billing software in chennai | Website Design in chennai|Android App development in chennai